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Thematically speaking, MENTORSHIP is at the core of this film. Defined as “a wise and faithful teacher, guide, and friend,” we all need one … if not more than one.

And, on the flip side of that, most of us could likely even be one ourselves. So many any of us think that it requires special training or qualifications … then we see Adam, who came from a fatherless background, was a survivor from the streets of San Diego, who had no “training,” just heart. Talk about unqualified. Then again, maybe the most qualified. Heart and effort are what it takes … and yes, effort does require some sacrifice.   But Adam was willing to sacrifice greatly so Dave and others didn’t have to feel the same thing that he felt growing up.

How about you?

During the filming, Joe White (the longtime President of Kanakuk Kamps, one of the largest and longest running summer camp organizations in the world) expressed,  “I never saw a boy go bad who had at least one good adult friend. It doesn’t have to be his biological dad, but an adult who says to that boy, ‘you’re valuable … you’re worth me getting up in the morning for …  I think about you all the time.’

That’s what Dave found in Adam.

Every boy needs that. Every girl needs that.

So for all of us who have room in our hearts to mentor a young man or a young lady—whether we adopt them formally, or whether we just spend time with them, coaching them, teaching them, reading books to them, going by and seeing their games because nobody’s in the stands—please do. It’s immeasurably important.”

I think Joe just framed it up better than anyone I’ve heard.

And I think Adam has demonstrated it better than anyone I’ve seen.

Adam’s mentorship has inspired the filmmakers to acknowledge, honor, promote and benefit the following organizations whose dedication to “investing in the lives of others” impacts all of us. Please take time to consider how your time, talents, efforts and resources can contribute to their initiatives to change lives.

Stay tuned for upcoming news about TEAM 55 and details about how to get involved.

As Adam expressed, “Why do we invest in the lives of others? I hope it’s not to get anything out of it … but the truth is, you probably will.”


Additionally, the filmmakers wish to acknowledge the tremendous jobs performed by the coaches, faculty, staff and administration of HOLLISTER HIGH SCHOOL and thank them for the genuine care they provide their students. What they might lack in resources they make up for in an extreme commitment to go beyond teaching their students … to bettering their lives. This is recognized; and therefore, a portion of the proceeds of the film will be donated to the Hollister Tiger Athletic Department in the “name” of #55.

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